Let’s set yoga free.

No paywalls. No memberships. Just you, your mat, and a guide.

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

Stream Free Online Yoga Classes

Coming soon!

Wait, is everything free?

Online yoga classes, yes. I want you to breathe and stretch to your heart’s content.

If everything is free, how do you make any money?

You’re kind of nosey, aren’t you?

But whatever, it’s a valid question.

All yoga is free. But if you want to take a super awesome class—to learn about the psychology of weight loss, for example—then you have to pay. You can browse paid courses here.

I knew there was a catch!

Yeah. Daddy’s gotta eat. Besides, what do you care? Aren’t you here for free yoga?

Well… yeah.

Well, awesome. Enjoy!