Let’s Build Your Personalized Yoga Practice

A private yoga instructor will help you push beyond the limits of a traditional yoga class. With private instruction, each yoga class is carefully tailored for a custom fit. No matter what your mental, emotional, or physical goals may be, private yoga instruction can help illuminate your path forward.

Why Book a Private Yoga Session?

Students often have different reasons for wanting to flow with a private instructor. And while there’s no right or wrong when it comes to motivation, here are a few of the biggest advantages to learning yoga at home with an instructor.   

Private. Away from the lights, mirrors, and heat of the studio, many students feel they can finally give in to the flow. Find release from inhibition as you unroll your mat in a familiar environment, and develop a new level of focus as you practice.

Personalized. Develop a practice that focuses on your goals. By teaming with a private instructor, students learn to methodically challenge their bodies without excessive stress, strain, or injury. Whether you want to learn a split, or press into that Instagram-worthy handstand pushup, private yoga lessons can get you there.

A note on limited mobility: For individuals with limited mobility, crowded studios are often difficult—and dangerous—venues to practice. Through personalized instruction, students receive the attention and 1-to-1 guidance needed to learn essential modifications that make yoga postures safer and more effective.

Progressive. Baron Baptiste explains yoga as painting a mountain, one layer of paint at a time. Ever layer sets the stage for subsequent layers, until one by one they build to form something special. Progressive classes safely move you toward your goals through postures and sequencing that slowly open, lengthen, and strengthen your body over time.

Ideal for Groups. Maybe you share similar goals with your friends (like simply wanting a lil’ more Zen in your lives). Or, maybe you’re tired of practicing alone. Either way, private yoga instruction doesn’t have to be a solo-thing. So gather your friends, drop us a line, and let’s talk about throwing your next yoga party!

Learn more about our philosophy on private yoga instruction and classes. Then, contact Yogi Panda to schedule your first private class or group workshop!

Elements of an Effective Private Yoga Program

Life is crazy. But your yoga practice doesn’t have to be. We use the following framework for building private yoga programs as unique as the students who hire us.

 Goal-centric. Where are you now, and where do you want to be? Whether you are recovering from surgery or training for a triathlon, identifying specific goals is a critical first step toward personal growth and achievement.

Plan-driven. With your goals in mind, we’ll tactfully create custom yoga classes to get you there. From progressive strength development to skillfully learning arm balances, strategy is the vehicle that drives each private yoga program forward.

Balanced. Yoga classes always aim to balance the body. We flow through asanas to correct postural issues, and we breathe into final rest to restore our mental and spiritual selves. Private yoga instruction takes balance to a new level, designing each sequence to balance your body in alignment with your personal goals.

Consistent. At Yogi Panda, we believe consistency is what separates the bendy from the stiff—both emotionally and physically. Our private yoga programs are available both locally and digitally to ensure consistent progress toward your goals. Stay connected, share feedback, and grow without interruption.

Beyond the Mat: Private Instruction and Walking the Yogic Path

Yoga has exploded in popularity over the past few decades. Yet, many students have a narrow view of what yoga practice truly entails. More than just breath and movement, yoga is a tradition that incorporates many techniques for cleansing, studying, and transcending the Self.

Sounds pretty heavy, right?

Working with a private instructor, students learn to simplify these esoteric ideas for modern day life. Journaling, visualization, meditation, and sensory deprivation are just a few examples of evidence-based practices that can help students along the yogic path.

Book a Private Yoga Instructor

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Virtual Instruction: Book a Private Yoga Instructor Online

Outside our service area? That’s pretty easy, ‘cause we’re still a pretty small tribe!

Yogi Panda now offers online instruction nationwide.

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