My name is Kellen, and I am a private yoga instructor based out of Sarasota, Florida. I took my first yoga class in 2007. Since then, I have been in love. Today, I help students of all ages and ability levels use yoga to look and feel their best.

Let’s talk yoga goals.

Pain-free movement. Core strength. Peace of mind.

Whatever you need, private yoga instruction can help you find it. So, let’s talk. Complete the form below for a free yoga consultation, either by email, text, or phone. Your choice!

Private yoga instruction from the comfort of your Sarasota home

Feel at ease in the comfort of your own space. With yoga house-calls, you get all the benefits of a yoga practice without the traffic and chatter of venturing out to your local yoga studio. Here are just a few reasons to love private yoga:

One-on-one instruction.

Maybe you’ve never done yoga before and just want to give it a try. Or, maybe you’re tired of going to public yoga classes and thinking, “Am I doing this right?”

Private yoga classes take the guesswork out of this ancient practice. We will move through class together, covering everything from fundamental alignment to complex breathing and focus exercises. With private classes, you will receive warm and detail-oriented instruction designed to deepen your understanding of your body and the way it’s meant to move.

Safe and clean.

In addition to added safety, private at-home yoga instruction is ideal for anyone who is concerned with contracting viral infections from public places. At home, you maintain control of your practice environment and can invite as many (or as few) friends as you wish.

What you can expect from me: I will arrive 5 minutes early, freshly showered and wearing clean clothes. I will have masks and gloves, should you like me to wear them. Mats, props, and other accessories will be sterilized before entering your home.

Personalized yoga programming.

What do you want out of your yoga practice? More strength, less pain, and calmer nerves are just a few classes away. Together, we will discuss your needs and create a truly personalized yoga program that will produce results.

Holistic health guidance.

Did you know that physical yoga practice (called asana) is just 1 of the 8 Limbs of Yoga?

One of the best things about personalized yoga instruction is the opportunity it creates for you to learn more about the 8-limbed path. Clean eating, positive self-talk, loving relationships, and meditation are all practical examples of how this 6,000 year old tradition can be applied to modern life.

This is not a religion. Rather, it is a spiritual framework for approaching yourself and the world with a fresh and loving perspective. For those who are curious and open-minded, private yoga lessons can include a deep dive into the philosophy and practice of the 8 Limbs.

Reviews for Kellen, Sarasota private yoga teacher

Kellen is great! He helped me get rid of hip pain from years of dancing. I love his private classes!

Alanna G, Sarasota FL

I started taking private yoga lessons with Kellen after I strained my shoulder at Cross Fit. It took months but he helped me regain my range of motion. My shoulder is better now and I’m back to Cross Fit.

Di, Sarasota FL

Kellen is also a kickboxing instructor! It feels great to punch things before doing yoga! =)

Ben, Sarasota FL

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