Gentle yoga classes are the perfect antidote for your stressful day. Maybe it’s Monday—or it just feels like a Monday—and you could really use a hug. Ain’t no shame in it! Grab your mat and get ready for a gentle yoga flow to ease your aches and calm your mind.

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A Gentle Approach to Yoga

Not all yoga classes have to feel like Barry’s Bootcamp. Let’s enjoy some gentle yoga together, no squats or burpees required. These gentle yoga classes have one goal in mind: To alleviate your stress and muscle tension. Gentle postures, uplifting mantras, and calming breath work will be our best friends throughout each yoga class. By the end of class, you’ll want to melt into the surface of your mat.

Gentle yoga is ideal for anyone looking for a good stretch and relaxing break from the nonstop get-up-and-go of everyday life. You won’t find heart pounding, muscle building routines in this part of the Class Library. Just easy, relaxing and restorative yoga classes designed to give you that oh-so-radiant post yoga glow.

Still undecided? Here are just a few of the people these classes were made for:

  • Moms (and dads!) who just want a well-deserved vacay, away from the demands of their busy schedules.
  • Anyone who needs a “reset moment” because they’re feeling tired, anxious, or burned out.
  • Gym warriors (looking at you, CrossFitters!) who want the benefits of stretching and postural realignment, without the strength demands of a typical “power yoga” class.

Gentle Yoga Postures

Every gentle yoga class makes us of special postures that emphasize stretch over strength. By focusing on “gentle poses”, we’ll slowly unwind your body and make space for some sunshine.

Fluffy word play aside, let’s review some of my students’ favorite gentle yoga postures. I hope they’ll soon be your favorites, too.

  • Reclined Bound Angle Pose. We’ll usually start, finish, or bookend our gentle yoga practice with this grounding hip opener.
  • Wind Removing Pose. Great for anyone who holds tension in their hips or spends a lot of time sitting throughout the day. So everyone, basically. This pose gently stretches the psoas muscle, helping to reduce lower back pain and improve hip mobility.
  • Upright Cat Cow. I love this variation of the classic, and I think you will too. By sitting upright, you can more easily open your chest, stretch your neck, and fill your lungs.
  • Few poses decompress your lower back more gently than this pose. Feel your vertebrae spread as you hang, and imagine stress melting away from your shoulders.
  • Lizard Lunge. This stretch can be as gentle or intense as you like. In a gentle yoga sequence, this is a great place to turn things up. Or, back off if you’d rather stay easy. It’s up to you!
  • Happy Baby. The name says it all. No gentle yoga class would be complete without this nurturing and grounding pose.

Gentle Yoga Sequencing

With gentle yoga classes, our goal is to alleviate feelings of stress and physical tension. We meet that goal with not only gentle poses, but also through a thoughtful sequence. Here’s how we’ll get you from stress mess to happy glow lucky:

  • Gentle integration. Each gentle yoga class begins with an easy posture to help ease into practice.
  • Deep breathing. We’ll use deep breathing techniques at the beginning and end of each class to calm your body and ease your mind.
  • Gentle pacing. We’ll flow slowly from each gentle yoga pose to the next, prioritizing alignment and muscle release over strength and speed.
  • Accessible modifications. Each pose will be approached from a slow and safe perspective. We’ll explore various modifications, so you’ll always have the chance to dial things up or turn them down.

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