Learn yoga online with Yogi Panda. Newly launched in 2018, our class library features a variety of classes that draw from many styles of yoga, calisthenics, and martial arts. Learning with Yogi Panda is easy. Bookmark this page as a resource for classes, yoga challenges, and online learning tools.

Online Yoga Learning Center

We make it easy to learn yoga online. Our online yoga community features classes, workshops, and articles developed by yogis who know a thing or two about practice, progress, and killer kale smoothies.

Let’s learn some yoga. Learn a variety of yoga styles, all from our mobile-friendly and travel-ready website. We have an entire library of unique yoga programs sequenced for a variety of experience levels. Visit our online yoga class generator to get quick recommendation on where to start, based on your experience, preferences, and mood. The first class in every online program is always free. So, unroll your mat and let’s rock!

Thinking about learning yoga at a studio? Not a bad call. In fact, we believe everyone can benefit from learning in a yoga studio with a live instructor. But online yoga still has a place. Visit this article on The Best Way to Learn Yoga online and IRL.

Join the Online Yoga Learning Challenge. Learning yoga is one of the best ways to add a little peace, love, and stability to your life. We’re so happy you’re here! To celebrate, join our Online Yoga Learning Challenge. Winners are selected weekly. Please see below for more details.

Online Yoga Learning Challenge!

We love helping people learn yoga online. Take part in our Online Yoga Learning Challenge by trying the first class from any of our yoga video series. The first class in each program is always free to stream— no sign up or credit card necessary.

Learning yoga has never been easier. Yogi Panda is built for yoga on-the-go, so join the Online Yoga Learning Challenge from anywhere! Each online yoga class is free to stream from computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

To enter the Online Yoga Learning Challenge:

  1. Select a yoga program from the offerings below
  2. Stream the first class and follow along
  3. Before/during/after, post a picture to Instagram and tag #yogipandagram

Winners will be featured on the official Yogi Panda Instagram account weekly!

More Online Learning Resources

Still not sure where to start? We got you. Visit the following page for a free eBook on how to learn yoga with purpose, passion, and consistency.