Welcome to the Yogi Panda online nutrition coaching center. Here, you will find free resources developed by real online nutrition coaches. Our nutrition coaches are PN certified and use a proven methodology that helps real people achieve lasting results.

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Looking for personalized nutrition coaching? Our coaches specialize in:

  • CrossFit Nutrition
  • Plant-based Nutrition
  • Holistic / Integrated Nutrition
  • Macro Nutrient Calculation (Macro Nutrition)
  • Low-carb / Ketogenic Diet Nutrition

What’s Nutrition Coaching All About?

Kellen Linehan | Nutrition CoachHi, my name is Kellen.

Online nutrition coaching is about 2 things:

  1. Guiding change
  2. Facilitating meaningful action

Change is all about learning. This is true for not just clients, but coaches as well. Every client is unique, and so is every nutrition plan.

Taking action in meaningful ways— well, this is where the magic happens. Through our online nutritional coaching program, your nutrition coach will guide you toward your goals with a strategy that is both actionable and evidence-based.

Benefits of Online Nutrition Coaching

Flexible. With online nutrition coaching, you receive the same 1-to-1 guidance as real world coaching, without the hassle of appointments and meetups.

Mobile-friendly. With advanced nutritional coaching software, you will receive personalized programming delivered directly to your email or mobile phone.

Tailored. Coaches guide you along your own unique path, helping you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Actionable. Forget complicated concepts and calorie counting. In conjunction with your nutritional coach, YOU will decide which actionable steps you feel most comfortable taking. So, go ahead. Move mountains. Or, go after the low hanging fruit (literally). It’s entirely up to you.

Evidence-based. Our online nutritional coaching program uses a coaching methodology and software proven to generate life long results.

Lasting Results: What to Expect from Your Online Nutrition Coach

Personalized coaching. Once linked with a nutrition coach, you will receive a completely personalized experience. Our coaches understand that every client has unique needs, preferences, and goals. We listen to YOU, and we create a sustainable plan of action that will help you achieve your goals.

A clear plan of action. Work, family, sports, hobbies— when’s the last time a nutrition plan actually accounted for exactly what’s going on in your life? Our nutrition coaches will help you understand how healthy eating applies to YOUR day-to-day life experience, creating actionable steps along a clear path to your ideal weight and body composition.

Encouragement and guidance. Of course, the path must be followed. This is often the hardest step, and it’s where most “dieters” fail. By working with a nutrition coach, you will receive regular Check-ins, support, and encouragement to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Collaboration with your health professionals. We believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our nutrition coaches collaborate with your current health care providers to keep you safe, healthy, and on track.

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