Kellen Linehan | Nutrition CoachHi, my name is Kellen.

I’m a licensed yoga instructor and Precision Nutrition™ coach.

I offer private yoga instruction for individuals and groups. Together, we will create a plan to achieve your goals—both on and off your mat.

Private yoga lessons you’re gonna love.

I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga since 2007. Over time, it has become an integral part of my life. I’m passionate about helping students of all ages learn this ancient tradition.

Goal-oriented instruction

You are unique. Let’s develop a yoga program that honors you. I help private yoga students achieve goals like:

  • Greater flexibility
  • Functional body strength
  • Improved balance and mobility
  • Movement-based pain management
  • Sports-specific performance

Evidence-based yoga programming

There’s no woo woo here. As a yoga instructor and coach, I take an evidence-based approach to helping students achieve their goals. If there isn’t substantial research supporting a particular yoga posture or practice, you won’t find me teaching it.

Dramatic results with nutrition coaching

As an athlete and a researcher, I believe yoga is an exceptional tool for well-being. However, the 60 minutes you spend on your yoga mat will only do so much.

I take a holistic approach that combines private yoga instruction with nutritional coaching and guidance. As a Precision Nutrition™ coach, I offer students access to the world’s leading nutritional software. Students receive daily nutrition lessons and habits to practice—delivered directly to their smart phone. I provide real time feedback, offering guidance and answering questions to help students make smart food choices.

Together, private yoga instruction and nutrition coaching help students of all ages optimize their health and shatter their goals.

Private Yoga Instructor Reviews—Cranberry Township, PA

“Kellen is AMAZING. He is always smiling and never in a hurry. He helped me with my flexibility in my legs and back. I was a dancer when I was younger and still have pain issues from time to time. Practicing yoga with Kellen has helped me SO MUCH.”

– Adrianna, Cranberry Twp PA

“We hired Kellen to help our son get more flexible for football. They met once a week for a couple months. He really liked Kellen and felt like what they were doing really worked.”

– Katherine, Cranberry Twp PA

“My favorite thing about Kellen is his ability to mix things up. I’ve learned a lot of new movements and exercises. Sometimes we even do kickboxing before our yoga sessions. It’s always different and that’s important to me.”

– Anita, Wexford PA