Find encouragement, pro-tips, and new friends with Online Group Coaching designed specifically to get you Race Ready

Make the most of your Half Marathon Weekend with this special 4-week event! Ride into Race Day feeling calm, cool, and confident with:

Expert Coaching and Accountability

Set goals, establish accountability, and form a winning strategy for your Princess Half Marathon. Led by Duke-certified Health and Well-being Coach, these weekly group meetups will help you create a vision, plan, and take action.

Restorative Runners’ Yoga

Learn to “peak and de-load” your marathon training with complementary yoga practices specifically designed to heal and rejuvenate. Led by RYT-200 Instructor with marathon, double marathon, and triathlon experience.

Mind/Body Tools to Ease Nerves

Your final four weeks of training are crucial– so make them count. Learn Mind/Body tools to reduce stress, stay focused, and improve sleep so you can get the most out of your training and recovery regimen.

New Friends, Support, and Encouragement

Making new friends and lasting memories is one of the best reasons to run the Princess Half Marathon. Make new friends, motivate fellow racers, and GET MOTIVATED too– all while working together to achieve running, nutrition, and recovery goals!

Online Event Calendar

*Live Zoom sessions will be held every Monday at 6pm EST and Tuesday at 11am EST. Participants are welcome to join both! Bonus Live Streams for yoga, meditation, and more will be held at the times listed below. All sessions (Live Zooms and Live Streams) will be posted by every Wednesday at midnight.

Week 1: Costume Party + Training & Nutrition Secrets

  • When: Wednesday, Feb. 1st at 6pm EST
  • What You’ll Learn: Olympic-level Running Secrets (for beginners) + Nutrition Basics.
  • What We’ll Do: Dress as your favorite Princess and meet your fellow teammates! Together, everyone will set a Race Goal and learn effective training and performance strategies.
  • Why It Matters: Learn to leverage the same training strategies that Olympians recommend to beginner and novice runners. Paired with nutrition basics, this week’s lessons will make it easier to train (and finish!) your half marathon, injury-free.
  • Bonus Class: Flex Prep Workshop – Learn simple techniques to ensure your kitchen stays stocked with delicious foods that fuel your training goals.

Week 2: How to Peak, without Injury

  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 7th at 6pm EST
  • Live Zoom: Check-in with fellow Racers and learn from the group’s struggles and successes. Then, learn breathing techniques and advanced nutrition tips to maximize your Peak Week training.
  • What You’ll Learn: Breathing Techniques for Runners + Advanced Nutrition Tips
  • Why It Matters: Learning to breathe is essential for peak training, keeping you centered and focused when your body needs it most. Advanced Nutrition builds on the basics, exploring specific scenarios where extra macros and supplements might be needed to aid recovery.
  • Bonus Class: Yoga for Runners – This 45 minute yoga flow works on delivers a much needed stretch in all the right places, without stressing-out your already tired muscles.

Week 3: Mental Gym – Rest & Recover, without Losing Pace

  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 14th at 6pm EST
  • Live Zoom: Find encouragement as you check-in with fellow Racers and discuss “de-load” week. Then, learn the neuroscience and practice of visualization and stress management.
  • What You’ll Learn: Positive Visualization + Stress Management
  • Why It Matters: Your body needs an “easy week” before your big day, making this an ideal time to enter your mental gym. Positive Visualization is an evidence-based practice for strengthening mind-body connection in preparation for Race Day.
  • Bonus Class: Anywhere Mobility for Runners – This 45 minute workshop covers basic mobility exercises that can be performed anywhere, from baggage claim to hotel room and race day corral.

Week 4: Race Week! De-load, Relax, & Enjoy

  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 21st at 6pm EST
  • Live Zoom:
  • What You’ll Learn: Mindfulness + Beginner’s Mind
  • Why It Matters: Mindfulness is clinically proven to alleviate stress and perceived body aches, making it an essential tool for Race Week. When paired with Beginner’s Mind, these practices will help keep you grounded, grateful, and joyful all week long.
  • Bonus Class: Post-Race Yoga Cooldown

BONUS WEEK: The Power of Celebration

  • When: When: Tuesday, Feb. 28th at 6pm EST
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“I’ll never do another marathon without Group Coaching!”

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Meet Your Team

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Kellen Dorsch

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Alanna Giuliani

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